Experienced Consultants Inspired To Lead


My Inspiration

Everyone needs a hero to inspire them and I credit my personal success to my father. I founded ZR Royal Inc & Co to continue a Legacy 

Mr Roz , a business tycoon from the 60’s  running a successful empire ,derived of   petroleum , hotels, casinos, telecommunications and shipping ports.

His business operations were based primarily in Africa and the United Kingdom and he ran his empire with  energy and a sharp focus that allowed him to succeed at whatever he put his mind to.


My Vision

ZR Royal Inc & Co, a sharp minded business firm :" Then ,Now and Always " .

I have been leading international finance and project management disciplines for years and I have a wealth of experience to offer through consultation.

My vision to expand ZR Royal Inc & Co globally, reaching clients from the small business sector to enterprise level and deliver the same class of personal service to all.